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Foreigner Series: Spoiler Alerts: Page 2

I’m giving the page a second section because page 1 was starting to behave oddly.

As always, wait at least 30 days from issue of the book before starting to discuss. And give our overseas friends some extra leeway: the distribution system doesn’t reach everywhere as fast!

897 comments to Foreigner Series: Spoiler Alerts: Page 2

  • Neco-ji

    One thing I wondered about the Nisebi was how far south they were. Perhaps they learned to preserve meats because hot southern weather (tropical weather?) made food spoil quickly, making preservation the local “kabiu” concept. Sadly, I don’t think we hear mention of them again after Foreigner.

  • Anna

    Re-read the last books and I wonder: How´s romance going between Bren and Jago? Still there? Nothing is said on that topic that I could find…

    • tulrose

      They’re acting like a long married couple, very discreetly of course.

      • Neco-ji

        Granted, in Peacemaker, everyone was very busy, and only a few days elapses over the book, so they probably just haven’t had the time. And Jago is probably respecting Bren’s headache, and letting him simply rest.

        • and then again, perhaps we know what they’re doing, and it’s no longer necessary to mention it……everyone, including staff, knows that Jago and Bren sleep together, it’s part of the household, and it’s not probably not even considered remarkable any longer.

          • tulrose

            People outside the household may wonder, in private, the same way people wonder about Ilisidi and Cenedi. No-one, however, would be so crass as to mention it.

  • Neco-ji

    We know it is proper for atevi to have long hair kept in a formal braid. From Peacemaker, I got the impression that there might be different braiding styles (otherwise, why need a hair dresser specifically?) We know that braids show the ribbons of rank/clan, and that it is considered improper to have your hair loose, as that is reserved for intimate settings only. We even know that they have hair gel (the goo that Cajeiri mentions using for his flyaway wisps.)

    So do you think the long hair and hair braiding is a sort of social bonding thing, like group preening among primates?

  • Silverglass

    Hey folks, I found something that Bren could really use: A bullet-proof laptop bag that unfolds into a personal shield!

  • Neco-ji

    CJ, do you still have the first sketches you did of Banichi and the mecheita, the ones you gave to Michael Whelan for reference? I’d be very interested to see them. :)

  • Sapphire

    Just wondered – is there a brief paragraph anywhere outlining what Tracker will be about? Are we at last going to get away from the children and go back to the story of Bren and the adult Atevi (including his team)?

    • Neco-ji

      I think the children are very much a part of the story now, and that you will just have to get used to it. :)

      I am not sure if they have updated the blurb on the books. It also seems that the excerpt is no longer available.

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