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a few hardcovers and pbs available from Closed Circle, signed. Latest: Moonlover and the Fountain of Blood, Jane Fancher short story. Chernevog, part 2 of the Rusalka trilogy co-written by CJ and Jane; and Orion's Children, a tetralogy from Lynn.

Animals are going two by two and it snowed in Butte, yesterday…

We’re getting drenched, real soaking rains. Butte, MT gets snow.

The pond is colder than will let the bacteria work well. It’s still sweatshirt weather here, headed for the 4th of July.

The ice age is possible, y’know, while the southern hemisphere gets full on baked. THat’s the way ice ages have tended to work.

Kidding. But it is a bit nippy here.

And my old home town, OKC, is getting 2-3 earthquakes a day. They used to say, “Oh, well, we have tornadoes, but they mostly miss. At least we don’t have earthquakes!”

Mmmm. Well.

Now I’m told insurance companies are putting signs in the window saying “we sell earthquake insurance.”

I’m also very glad to no longer be living in the shadow of ‘the world’s largest riprap (loose rock) dam’ as given in the 1975 Engineer’s manual…which we did for 10 years.

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  • tulrose

    Yeah, a whole bunch of tremors down in the OKC area. I didn’t feel anything in TUL. And we used to think that only the big monster fault slumbering in New Madrid Missouri would be a major problem and if it did more than just wiggle a little we’ld be gone anyway.

  • chondrite

    O NOES! It’s the end of the world! Dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria! Not to mention the variety of theories why OKC is seeing an uptick in quakes.

    Srsly, the weather this year is being more than a little flaky. We got more rain this year than in the last 10, which almost brings us back in line with historical norms 😛 One hopes that despite dire predictions, it will be another quiet hurricane season. Didja see that Mauna Loa is starting to jitter a bit more, perhaps a precursor to an eruption?

  • Well, down here in North California it hasn’t rained in months and when it did rain it wasn’t much. Very low snow pack in the Sierras, lawns dying like flies, farmers ruing the day they planted those almond trees.
    Be glad for some rain.

  • paul

    Fracking is perfectly safe! Look at all the jobs it’s providing, AND energy independence. Look how big the Earth is! Nothing we can do with upset it.

  • WOL

    Earthquakes in OKC and we’ve had 8+ inches of rain since May 1 here in the Flatlands of the TX panhandle. Will wonders never cease? We got upwards of 6 inches while I was trying to move, and got another inch the other day, with much thundering and booming. Not worried about the roof leaking in my new digs. If it does, which is unlikely since it’s foamed, it’ll leak on the people upstairs. My allergies have been much better since moving. Now if I can just get them to put the weatherstripping in the front door — I can see daylight around the edges of the closed door! Maintenance guy promises he will put the weatherstripping in the first chance he gets. He has been kept hopping fixing AC units. My AC unit is new. Was just replaced before I moved in. New fridge too. Now if I could just get a new dishwasher, or at least new baskets for same. . . .

  • It is *hot* here and occasionally rainy. It isn’t any hotter than usual, and I don’t think we’ve hit 100+ yet, but…my A/C compressor is (still) out and (still) won’t be repaired until I can amass the funds…which “ain’t happenin’ ” this year. So it feels like a sauna, inside or outside. I do have ceiling fans and, in winter, my heater works. So…all in all, I suppose it’s like living before air conditioning. I have not entirely melted yet. Nor have I really lost any weight. Heck. Felgercarb.

    I haven’t been diligent about checking the news, but I also hope for a very mild hurricane season this year. Hurricanes Rita and Ike, and before them, Tropical Storm Allison — these were not welcome, gentle visitors. Quite not.

    I recall the trip to Virginia one summer when I didn’t remember to pack anything for cold weather. No jacket, etc. Brrr! It can get cold (to this Texas boy) in them-there mountains at night, even when you’re not really out in it much. …I had a touristy “Blue Ridge Parkway” dark green hoodie for a number of years after that. LOL. And learned my lesson: It can get in the 30’s and 40’s at night in the Appalachians.

    We’ve had some relief due to rain, which has been so, so welcome and needed. I don’t think we’re above the average rainfall, though.

    Oh, and I intend to record lines today. I got a small guest part in a fan audio drama for Starship Excelsior. But gosh, I get more lines than I’ve had before, and hey, I get a character name. OK, he’s really a henchman, he’s a guest role and likely not recurring, but hey, still cool! He gets some fun lines. And it might lead to more work with them on other characters. Hoping so. ‘Scuse me while I go twirl my mustache. (OK, no, he’s a better-written character than that, but still. 😀 ) The episode is just now recording, so it won’t be out for a few months, likely. I will give a holler when it is. 😀

    • ‘The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco’ – attributed to one M Twain.
      (We had wool blankets on the beds all year, 50 miles from SF. Summers have lows around 50. In August.)

    • I recorded lines, but there’s even neater news: There’s a full-cast read-through scheduled over Skype, early next week. This should help tremendously and should be a lot of fun. I’m holding the recordings, but I’d expect they’ll want some changes, so I’ll likely need to re-record.

      This will be the most dialogue for a fan production I’ve done. I’m so excited!

      (It’s not a paid production, but that’s fine. I’m an amateur. I’m doing this because it’s darned fun science fiction, and it might lead to other roles in Trek or other SF&F audio.)

  • Tommie

    If water prices are not too high, and you are not on water rationing, you might try wetting down your roof at about 11AM and 2PM.

  • Walt

    California is not taking the tornadoes. Sorry.

    You all may be interested in the polls linked from the following article. They ask a bunch of “What do you call a…” “How do you pronounce…” “Is this good English,” questions and try to detect your dialect. Also mentioned are analyzing Facebook postings to detect your personality type.

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