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Got my contacts: glasses have to wait…

…until my eyes ‘settle.’ I’ve been wearing a slightly wrong prescription for reading for over half a year. This has an effect: eyes and brain are real good at doing a ‘Hubble Telescope’ type correction, and they have to learn that program has been changed.

So the doc wants me to wear these daily-wears a couple of weeks and use a 2.50 pair of cheaters, ie, simple magnifying lenses, for reading.

The contacts are comfy, don’t sting when going on, and I got them on first try, though it’s been a while. The distant world has much crisper edges. I’ll see if I can see the stars if it’s not cloudy tonight. But the right eye, on a slight .25 lens, is being cranky: getting that eye to ‘settle’ is going to take a bit.

The good news: contacts can ‘bandage’ your eye against allergens.
I’ve gone to daily wears so I can give my eyes a rest.

I can drive with these. So what I need is a pair of driving glasses for when I’m *not* wearing contacts, and a pair of reading glasses with, and one without—bane of my life is an astigmatism that gets worse the closer something is. I used to have good vision at all ranges. So, well, I can be glad of the years when it was real good. Now I have to put up with what a lot of other people have to put up with, so I can’t gripe.

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  • I don’t miss wearing contacts, although they were super convenient for me – no sore spots on my ears or the bridge of my nose, no getting them bent out of alignment if I bumped something, and especially no oils from my eyebrows getting on the lenses.
    I wore extended wear lenses for years, but wore them as daily wear. After a month, they were in the trash and a new pair ceremoniously placed in my eye.
    I learned how to put them in one-handed due to acquiring certain injuries to the hand, either a cut, or some other impairment. I could put the left lens in my left eye with the left hand and the right lens in the right eye with the right hand. I believe I could also put the opposite lens in (right lens in right eye with left hand and vice versa, and even learned how to do it in the dark by checking the top of the container for the right shape. All that’s gone now, since the cataract surgery eliminated my need for distance glasses.
    I hope they’re able to get you a pair of driving glasses that work for you as well as the contacts seem to be doing.

  • CRussel

    “The good news: contacts can ‘bandage’ your eye against allergens”

    They’re also great for chopping onions and/or shallots. The only thing that really works short of wearing swim goggles. (Yes, I have resorted to that, but it really looks silly. OTOH, having to chop a really large bunch of shallots onions when I don’t have contacts on is not fun.)

  • CJ

    When they can be a wee bit uncomfy is kiting around a 32 degree ice rink raising a breeze…they get chilled, until your eyes adjust and cope with it.

  • kokipy

    i can’t wear my contacts any more because my reading glasses didn’t correct for the computer screen – i can read up close with contacts and reading glasses, but not 24 inches away. so i just wear trifocals now. what a bummer! but at least i dont lose the reading glasses five times a day any more. whatever glasses i need i have always got right on my nose.
    I used to feel i was impersonating an old person when i wore the reading glasses. it always felt a bit theatrical, especially when i was in court. now i just really am old 🙂

  • CJ

    Lol—well, I carry 2-3 pair of glasses: I feel like Benjamin Franklin trying to read fine print…but hey, I can read it! I have renounced glamor and now have settled on distinctive character…

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