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a few hardcovers and pbs available from Closed Circle, signed. Latest: Moonlover and the Fountain of Blood, Jane Fancher short story. Chernevog, part 2 of the Rusalka trilogy co-written by CJ and Jane; and Orion's Children, a tetralogy from Lynn.

Jane’s email ate pictures!

From Jane: You can still join the virtual party on Saturday. Just send a photo of your smiling mug to and I’ll put you in the slideshow. For those who have already sent a pic…please note, if you haven’t gotten a response from me, I didn’t get it. I just killed a whole bunch of emails and I have no idea how I did it. I’m not even tired or stressed. I just had a bunch of stuff highlighted to delete, and instead of deleting, it opened a bunch and when I tried to close out and delete them, it just churned and churned…I reopened, and most of my msgs were gone. Byebye. ARGH!!!!!! Not in the trash been, not nowhere.

I’m going out to the garden and flinging dirt….

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  • I just sent photos for the virtual wedding attendance.

    Hmm…two brides…there could be two bouquets to catch!

  • CJ

    We are Unconventional. Don’t have bouquets except in pots, in stands. The azaleas and two of the peonies are very likely to bloom. Our ceremony we outlined while walking from the courthouse to the car, and we’ll likely, just the two of us, do one walkthrough, just to get the sequence. We wrote our own vows, which we’ll probably forget and have to ex-temp. We don’t have maids and matrons of honor; nobody’s giving anybody away; and we won’t have any music but the waterfall. The garden dictates the pathways, people will stand where they can see past the bushes, and the whole wedding plan and guest list and menu occupy 6 post-it notes. This is just us being us, and we don’t need to rehearse it…after 27 years, we just say, “I think it’d be nice if we could…” and the other says, “Yes. Why not also…” and “Yes.” I don’t think we’ve argued one single point of the plans: the colors were an ‘of course,’ the cake was a case of ‘this is what we like’ and ooooh! can we have this, too? And well, there are some surprises we aren’t talking about. But we are amazingly relaxed and ok about this.

    We think it’ll be as serious as we get, memorable and significant for us, and we hope for good weather or we’re in a heckuva mess!

    • bakayaro onna

      We did the ‘drive to the courthouse, sign papers and go out to lunch before going back to work’ thing. Neither sets of parents knew and I don’t think they truly know even now.

      Relaxed and easy sounds marvelous and you two will have a wonderful day to remember forever.

  • chondrite

    One of the great benefits of a long-term Association!

  • WOL

    After all the people who jump through so many hoops and spend a large fortune on decorations and clothes they only wear one time and wining and dining a huge number of people, and stress over making every tiny elaborate detail of a big elaborate production just perfect, it is so refreshing when the people involved just cut to the chase and zero in on what’s really important. Two people who have come to important conclusions about life and each other go to their favorite place with their favorite people and say so. They sign on the dotted line, then everybody eats cake and has a good time like sensible people.

  • I like your plan a lot better than all the hooey. Not that I wouldn’t like a little to-do about it all now and then, but after 27 years, aye, ye should be “accustomed to her face.” 🙂

    It occurred to me you’ve been together, technically unmarried, as long as my parents were together married. Advantage: You’ll get to be together longer. This is fine, a better outcome.

    Unrelated to just about anything, a drone of bagpipes popped up just now, “Murdo Mackenzie” (and the title goes on) from Simon Fraser University’s CD, On Common Ground. Probably from a Scots enthusiasm around St. Paddy’s Day a few years ago, or maybe “just ’cause.” Och! Men runnin’ ’round in kilts and such-like, playing on noisy alien instruments! Well, why not? 😀

    Also, both cats have attempted to “edit” posts to yours and Jane’s blogs today. One very nearly succeeded in doing something odd to the computer. — I’ll take this as a show of good intentions to you two, aside from plays for attention from the feline folk.

    It’s quite hot already here, we went from spring to summer overnight, last week. But we’re supposed to get heavy rain today and tomorrow.

    Wishing you clear good weather for the appointed day! Goober already has his tuxedo on, and Smokey prefers the basic black number….

  • bakayaro onna

    Our photo was emailed a few hours ago. Hope you both like it.

  • Jcrow9

    I’m going to assUme that a photo which Jane rogered for has survived the purge…

  • Tommie

    I sent all of my Photos to CJ’s email. I hope that they have arrived, and that choseing which of me will attend is easy…

  • Ditto. When I got the note on FB that the pictures that Jane has not rogered up for were gone, I sent mine again yesterday. I’m sure she’s trying to acknowledge as many as possible as quickly as possible.
    Mine was rather large, 3MB in size, so if it overwhelmed the system, I apologize.

  • question: I sent the pic to authors (at), and when I saw the note that Jane’s computer had hiccupped, I resent it on Monday. Is she acknowledging receipts via individual emails, or by comments on Harmonies, or here, or on FB?

  • Raesean

    I believe Jane is replying by individual email. I sent my photo yesterday, I think it was, and she confirmed she had received it.

  • I’ll re-send our photo. Agree whole-heartedly about having a ceremony and celebration that suits the two of you and reflects your long and loving relationship.

    Our wedding was extremely low-key (we were going to become guardians, realized the process would be simplified if we were married, so we did), and we’ve never regretted the relaxed, comfortable feel of it all. However, we do like to joke that we got married only because we had a child on the way (the child was nearly 12)!

  • Considering how busy you both have been, I’ll wait a day before I re-send the pic.

    Vicarious enjoyment here, when learning of your pre-wedding adventures (not all adventures are large). Thanks for sharing!

  • Tommie

    Resent to correct address… Peace be with you, and joy also!

  • dhawktx

    I’ve been moving in to the new place in Provo and only just now saw this.

    Even if my mug wasn’t in the lineup, you are both hereby notified that I raised a glass my favorite hooch in both your honors at the appropriate time (and I am too tired to give a whit whether that was bad grammar!).

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