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a few hardcovers and pbs available from Closed Circle, signed. Latest: Moonlover and the Fountain of Blood, Jane Fancher short story. Chernevog, part 2 of the Rusalka trilogy co-written by CJ and Jane; and Orion's Children, a tetralogy from Lynn.

Jane had a brilliant idea—send us pix—so you can be on the guest book table.

From Jane:

We just had this wonderful idea! We were going to set up a table with a “guest book” that Wiishu will man (basically a single sheet of paper :D) and put pics of all our in absentia family on it. Thinking last night of all the people we’d love to have invited and just couldn’t, we had this great idea: pictures!

If you would like to “attend” the wedding just send a nice big image file of your smiling face to authors(at)closed-circle(dot)net. Please put “wedding pic” as the subject and include your full name in the email (along with a message, if you wish). I’ll put them all into a slideshow on the ipad, with your name, and prop the ipad on the table along with Wiishu and the guest sheet!

These can be from any time, any place. Our friendships, like our love, are timeless.

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  • WOL

    Pic sent. So, finally, you’re going to make an honest woman out of each other.

  • CJ

    Lol! If we survive the yard cleaning. Today I managed to melt latex gloves onto my hands when Ace sold us stripper instead of thinner. I asked specifically for brush cleaner and got this. That’ll teach me to wear my glasses when shopping…

    And of course I sat down on a concrete block and had the thing tip over, hot coffee everywhere!

    And the rooting compound doesn’t have a findable lid, so I improvised. I tell you, it’s been a day!

    We got the moongate restained…that’s a biggie. That’s where the ceremony’s going to be…with that as backdrop. And a bamboo screen up to hide the not-so-good end of the garage.

    We are tired!

    • Yeah, I can see where stripper might not be too useful as thinner. Especially if you asked for brush cleaner – what were they thinking???

      I was tempted to send a picture of the 30-inch valve and me – I’m just there for scale. I still might, just for fun.

  • Tommie

    Doesn’t the stripper usually come closer to the wedding day? Sorry, not resistable!

    • Grins madly. Giggles, then remembers that’s supposed to be a more manly chuckle.

      “Paint her greener!” — Gene Roddenberry, about film tests of the Orion Slave Girl Vina. The film developers kept correcting her back to human skin tones.

      She’d have to come out of a big green cake, wouldn’t she?

      Nothing against Orion Slave Boys. Hmm….

      So much for my squeaky clean image….

  • chondrite

    Oy! The closer you get to the big event, the more the problems crop up. Just think of the nice sigh of peaceful relief you can both heave when the deed has been done, the cake is eaten, the wanted guests have said their farewells, and you and Jane can put up your feet and quietly share a glass!

  • Teegan

    What a wonderful idea. My pic is on its way to you. This Saturday night I attend my niece’s wedding also, but that one in person.

  • WOL

    Passing this along to all the folks who are up on arms (not to be confused with the folks who are up in arms) FYI:

  • paul

    Pix sent, albeit one that’s 29 years old. 😉 But you said “nice, big image” and that’s the best I’ve got.

  • vagmztp

    I’d love to send a pic but I wouldn’t want to spoil your day! I am still being hassled by my boss because I can’t find anything at all suitable to post as my ’email picture’. Only have one decent pic since I was a child. And IT’S 20 years old!

  • tulrose

    I’ve been searching for a halfway passable one that’s less than 50 years old. Newer ones are all small.

    I could go with my pink avatar?

  • tulrose

    Sorry, purplish avatar with what looks like a brain on top of my head 😀

  • Well, *other* people have pictures of me, not me! So I hunted all over the house for my tripod and started experimenting with the camera’s time-delay. By the eighth one I was reasonably focussed and at least more-or-less not out of the frame. Some lost weight (yay!) means more wrinkles (boo!) but anyway, that’s me at the party. Thanks for the invite!

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