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OMG—accidentally caught a bit of Ancient Aliens by error…while trying take a nap….

…I was SO tired, but I could feel my brain draining.

Aliens from across the galaxy coming here to mine gold to replenish their atmosphere…

I had to get up. The stupid was so strong in that program…
I had to turn it off.

The stupid was so strong it could alter DNA in the hearer…

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  • Somehow, that came across as, “gold in the atmosphere,” which would imply a very thick, dense atmosphere.

    Today’s adventure here involved the typical brief jaunt into the back yard: Myself to sit on my patio, the cats to explore the patio and back yard, which they love and expect. “Meow!” “Outside!” But we were out a bit longer and I was distracted, scribbling, doodling, and so Goober hopped the fence to explore one of the neighbors’ yards. I was inattentive enough to miss seeing or hearing this. The little so-and-so did it stealthily. Or I was really zoned out, concentrating.

    Time passes. However many minutes later, I am alerted to this by the desperate sound of scrambling over the fence in a panicked attempt back to the cherished paradise that is Home. Heheh. Over the fence, down into the yard, which needs mowing. Headlong over and through a couple of clay pots, one of which tumbled over and will never be the same, chipped now, alas. And thus in, into the safety of the Home, that great Paradise wherein there is Food, Attention, Soft Beds, Windows to watch goings-on, Companionship, and so on.

    Heheheh, my poor cat. He did appear later. I knew it was he because Smokey, unfazed, was (what else?) snacking inside on dry kibble. “Who me? What’s all the fuss about? I’m perfectly fine. It’s sure nice out there. But I wanted a snack. What else would I possibly be doing?” Heheheh.

    Well, Goober is quite unscathed, and fortunately has the good sense to extricate himself from a Situation before it becomes Untenable. The human is grateful the feline is unhurt.

    One wonders if that feline will be quite as eager to go Outside tomorrow as he usually is. “Outside! Meow!”

    So the outcome was good enough for a good laugh. — One laments the chipped pot. ‘Twas a nice color and design. Ah, well.

    Better it than my cat, whom one also wants in one piece, quite undamaged, thanks.

    One shall claim the pot gave itself in service to its household, a selfless sacrifice. Heh.

    • chondrite

      We are trying to teach Zorro that waking up the hew-monz by scratching on the bedroom door at stupid o’clock is Not Done, no matter if you think it is time for breakfast. Normally when I first wake up she gets the first half of her daily can, but I’ve been instead putting out the dry kibble for the first installment; wet food comes after the first cup of coffee. We are trying to dissociate delicious, delicious gooshyfood from door scrabbling at oh-dark-thirty, or at any time for that matter.

      The outdoor kittehs managed to knock over my large bonsai ficus this morning, off the stand. Well done, you! *sigh* At least nothing broke.

  • CJ

    Oh, yes, their atmosphere needs gold. They said so.

    Glad Goober is ok!

  • OOhhh! I wanna know what Goober got into that caused him to dash back to Paradise like a cat with a dog on its tail…..

  • Psider

    Ha! “The Stupid is strong in that one”. If you don’t mind, I’d like to steal that phrase. 🙂

    My Sunday has involved hearing a suburb no more than 15km from the centre of a major city as “the country”, and someone “reformulating their pedagogy into a 21st Century methodology”. Or some such. My brain is furiously scrubbing itself with a wire brush. 😛

    Oh, and from the looks of the footpath, there is a bald cat running around my neighbourhood. :S Possibly one of the feral ones that live behind the school.

  • “Thar’s gold in them-thar skies, I tells ye! Gold!”

    Sssaaayyy, is that why the sky is all gold and such, sunrise and sunset…? Heh. 😉

    I suspect there was (gasp!) an unfamiliar human and/or canine encountered. Two neighbors have small “yap dogs.” One neighbor has large dogs that sound around German Shepherd or Doberman sized, but were not out and about.

    Goober, the Most Non-Assertive Cat in the Universe, can be brave in his house or in the back yard. But if a Large Vehicle or other Unknown Humans approach, or some Strange Sound is heard, he ducks inside.

    Smokey, middle named Trouble, he who is Most Assertive, however also (prudently) ducks in if Something Untoward happens. He’s about four years younger than Goober, so anything he didn’t learn from his mama, before being rescued, he either learned from Goober or figured out himself.

  • chakaal

    Not that I don’t believe you, but I’m floored at the notion that such a program would have been put on the air even if some … person… saw to having it made.





  • AAAhhh yes, another tin-foil-hat-brigade Recruiting Film. There’s quite few flavors of those out there, but thank goodness most of them show their true colors when the expiration date rolls around with no fanfare. Nothing like 2013 to prove the hullabaloo about Mayans, 2012, and the end of the world was nonsense!

    You really have to wonder how these people get funding, then someone pops up with yet another hair-brained theory.

    • chondrite

      Let me count the ways (in recent times…)
      Planet X/ Nibiru
      Mayan Apocalypse

      Have you noticed that when H-Hour rolls around and nothing happens, there is a fast and furious regrouping? “We made a calculation mistake, but DOOM! is still really and truly coming, in a couple of months! This picture of lens flare/ floating dust/ Venus/ a sun dog proves it!”

    • WOL

      Now, Weeble. Not everyone knows that the difference between scientists and puhswaydo scientists is that scientists are the ones who try to find theories that fit the facts, and puhswaydo-scientists are the ones who try to find facts that fit the theories.

      I don’t know what offends me more, some of the aluminum foil fedora with the lunatic fringe stuff they show on the Science Channel, or the insulting my intelligence to the point of slap you with a glove, choose your weapons, take ten paces, turn and fire “reality TV programs.

      • Now I really do know better, its a fictional world with almost NO basis in reality, but one of the programs I’ve resorted to watching just makes me cringe when the professional science-type characters start spouting just-plain-horrid-science. The kind that you would think would make an actor just cringe, but no, they deliver it like its absolutely correct. Its very obvious they don’t have anyone reading scripts for scientific accuracy.


  • mrgawe

    OT, but for all you cat owners out there…had a bizarre episode this morning. Woke hours early to the cat thrashing at the bottom of the bed, looked up and she was squirming side to side on her back, rather like when they’re falling and trying to flip over, or get off your lap when you’re trying to clip their nails or something. Then she got upright and sort of crawled/crept to the head of the bed and laid there for ten minutes without moving, without meowing, without purring. This is a very vocal, active cat. After ten minutes she cautiously jumped off the bed and ate breakfast, and she’s been moving more or less normally since (slower), and hasn’t gotten rambunctious yet today. The bit I saw didn’t look like a seizure, there was no loss of bodily functions, no weakness on one side…but she’s never done this before. At this point, my working theory is that she had a nightmare, thrashed around and pulled a muscle, (at one point, it looked like maybe a hind claw was caught in the comforter), and she’s just taking it slow this morning. I guess my question is: has anyone else had something similar happen to their cat? I suppose I sound like a worrywort, but I can’t express how out of character that silent, unmoving ten minutes was.

    • bakayaro onna

      If it happens again, watch her eyes when she becomes still again. If her pupils twitch back and forth she is having a mini stroke.

      It happened with my mother’s cat back in the late 1970s (prior to medical advances for pets). Mittens would run around and all of a sudden she would stop, have a convulsion then lie still wherever she had landed. It got to the point it happened once a day so it was time to visit the vet and put her to sleep. We had a great vet.

      I was with Mittens the whole time during the procedure because my mother couldn’t handle it. I had been there for my own cat, Tiger, just a year prior, who had congestive heart failure.

      I had been there at Mittens’ birth (she was Tiger’s daughter) and had been the first person to pick up Tiger a few days after she was born (big family vacation – we came home to the cousins’ house to new kittens). It was only right in my head I would be there when our ladies left this plane.

      • mrgawe

        Thank you for the advice; I’ll keep it in mind. It hasn’t happened again (yet), and she’s completely back to her noisy, running-around self, so here’s hoping…

  • CJ

    Poor kitteh!—I’ve had cats all my life and think you very likely got it right with the snagged claw and the dream. If it happens again, —vet.

  • WOL

    If people can dream that they’re falling, and kitties dream, maybe they sometimes dream they’re falling?

  • mrgawe

    I’m keeping an eye out. Been on the interwebz researching cat seizures, and they all refer to events that are minutes in duration. This was 5, maybe 10 seconds. I work out of the house, so if it had happened before, I think I’d have been aware of it. Here’s hoping it was just a bad dream! (:-(

  • mmberry

    Don’t understand what is important about the day after Derby Day?

  • Isharell

    Poor CJ – yeah, it is quite a shocker, that first exposure to Ancient Aliens, and it sounds like you hit one of the really “duh” ones. Another howler is “the Nazi’s got all their tech from aliens.” However, if you “watch” it with the right attitude (as in, with a book or video game as your primary focus and the TV on as companionable noise) all this “it was done by ALIENS!!” stuff can be quite entertaining. Those guys are just so earnest! Mom and I really like to see how high Giorgio’s hair is; (he’s one of the primary speakers, and coincidentally one of the producers) we base the fun of the ep on just how many inches off his head it gets. Sometimes it’s positively limp, and then we feel sorry for the poor guy, “aw, he must be sick.”

    I haven’t felt any diminishment of intellect — yet.;) But like I say, I watch it for fun, which I think offers a measure of protection. 🙂 Also, we don’t watch it weekly, we catch it on the odd weekend, when they show several eps in a row and there is nothing watchable on any other channels. Even so, there are times I say, “ugh” and change the channel.

  • CJ

    Ancient Aliens: one should definitely wear a tinfoil hat while watching that series—protection, y’ know.

  • Bryan

    So, that’s basically in the same league as the comment from some half-wit about a black hole swallowing that missing airplane?

  • CJ

    Or flying straight to heaven. Sheesh! Some people are still operating on the March 1214 edition of “Geography for the Simple.”

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