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Jane and I are having dessert first…

Because we can. It’s one of the bennies of being grownups. We not only had dessert for lunch, we had it twice, and may have it again after Thanksgiving dinner. We had pecan pie and (go figure) low carb ice cream. (well, it limits the damage!) —and will have it as often as we like today and tomorrow (Leftover Day!) And we will have spaghetti/chili for supper. And dessert again. It’s a large pie. Then we will watch grown people throw pumpkins in mediaeval war machines.

We are still sniffly, but we are parked in front of the tv violating our diet.

We hope you all are having a great Thanksgiving!

23 comments to Jane and I are having dessert first…

  • tulrose

    Ate too much today. Just finished off peach pie with French Vanilla Ice Cream. Back to the diet tomorrow.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you both from NE Oklahoma.


  • ryanrick

    Life is uncertain — eat dessert first. And yes definitely a perk of being a grown up. There’s been more than one hot fudge Sundanese for lunch over the years! Very fun watching medieval war machines in action. Rather see it like this than in the old days when it was my wall and the neighbors head instead of a pumpkin.

  • hope your thanksgiving was great. Mine was.

  • ready4more

    $ World records out of six categories in the Punkin Chunkin!!! C’est magnifique! Ready family had a good holiday meal although not everyone could make it here we talked on the phone with all, so we have much for which to be thankful.

  • ready4more

    Meant to type 4 out of six divisions. Too much food, so sleepy!

  • paul

    ISON has survived! No doubt a bit slimmer from its journey.

    • paul

      Guess this is what journalism has come to in the age of ubiquitous electronic communication: say it first, check your facts later, if you have time.

      So Friday morning I’m seeing headlines that ISON is gone, (No sign of comet after pass around sun – scientists) or one that some fragment may have survived. Hey! You’re walking around with a web browser in your pocket! You can check the “Near Real Time” SOHO images. Looks like it’s gasseous tail got blown away, but there’s still something there. (Mind you, this is a 2-D projection, such outgassing tail as it may have left pointing away from the Sun may be pointing radially so we lose the sweep of it.)

      Comet Encke led ISON passing perihelion Nov 21st. This is ISON.

      • chondrite

        When it appeared from the NASA feed that ISON had self-destructed on perihelion, Twitter got saturated with Monty Python tweets: #This is an ex-comet!! #Joined the Choir Eternal!! Then after a surviving chunk was rediscovered, everyone was wondering if they would have to retract those tweets. Meanwhile, the tinfoil hat brigade is insisting on all sorts of wackiness, like aliens redirected the comet! That’s no comet; the tail is pointing the wrong way! Yadda, yadda, yadda.

  • paul

    Sister went to her in-laws so I saw no reason to myself depart from my fast day. No more than usual anyway.

  • smartcat

    Yes, Virginia, there are advantages to being an adult!

    I’m off to the first day of our BIG SALE! Enjoy the pumpkin toss! ;)

  • chondrite

    Everyone both at home and at work is suffering from food hangover. DH better not expect me to cook anything new until the leftovers are largely gone. A quart of leftover mashed potatoes!

  • Hey, you could almost sculpt those in your living room!

    :: Shh, quiet, Roy, and eat your taters. :D ::

    Better eat the mashed potatoes. Mmm!

    I have leftover mashed potatoes as well as roasted sweet potatoes, plus veggies and roast. Good stuff! Ate just enough to be very satisfied with the world at the moment.

    I have a (store-bought) peach cobbler in the freezer, but not enough room in the fridge yet.

    Wishing you all (and your mashed potato mountain scenes!) much happiness this season.

  • I hereby intend to spend the rest of the afternoon in uber-geek fashion, reviewing what I’d read in one SVG 1.1 textbook and then reading further, hoping to absorb more.

  • chondrite

    Dieting is not always incompatible with holidays, but being too strict about it makes people miserable. Just vow to recover from any lapses you might make — later. Now what the die hinker are we going to do with 2 intact cheesecakes?

    Happy Turkey Day Leftovers!

    • Tommie

      Cheesecakes freeze well. One for Yule and one for the New Year!

    • mrgawe

      Seconding the freezing of the cheesecake. I cut it up into portions, wrap in plastic and freeze for those moments you gotta have something sweet.

      Having our T-Day today. (Having emergency personnel in the family means whenever-everyone-can-make-it holiday scheduling.) Mom threw her shoulder out putting the bird in the oven, which means me doing all heavy lifting for a couple days. Good thing that migraine didn’t fully materialize last night. I’d like to trade in m y head for a bettter model, please? :-/

      • paul

        I know two classes of foods that should not be frozen, one that should. All depend on ice crystalization.

        1) Foods that are vesicular should not be frozen, e.g. tomato products, whole citrus fruits. The ice crystals will break the vesicles and ruin the texture.

        2) Emulsions, e.g. mayonaise and the sort. Similarly, the ice crystalization will break the emulsion.

        3) Flour products should always be frozen solid for a few to several days upon acquisition. In this case the ice crystals break the weevil eggs that are already in the product. After freezing it can be stored in hard, air-tight containers without becoming “buggy”.

  • I went by the market on Wednesday and got a 6-inch pumpkin pie and a couple of packages of ready-to-cook veggies that were on sale (one is sliced summer-squash in two colors, and the other is asparagus pieces, both heavy on onions).

  • WOL

    I’m trying to decide whether to have some good ol’ Pedro’s* tamales with refried beans or chilli with busketti. We ate at friends’ and consequently, yes, we have no leftovers, which is a mixed blessing.

    * They ship by mail.

  • pence

    Left over smashed potatoes also are a good combined with soup stock as a thickener, and added to bread dough. Gives a huge boost to the yeastie-beasties.

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