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a few hardcovers and pbs available from Closed Circle, signed. Latest: Moonlover and the Fountain of Blood, Jane Fancher short story. Chernevog, part 2 of the Rusalka trilogy co-written by CJ and Jane; and Orion's Children, a tetralogy from Lynn.

The end of the world…? Well, we had a good time.

It was Mike Briggs’ birthday. We drove down to Mike and Patty’s house—it was a costume party; we were pirates. And we had filk, food, and fun while waiting for the end of the world—which of course fizzled. We stayed the night, had a very nice breakfast, Jane got to see Patty’s two baby horses, and we had just a great time. We plan to exchange visits more often this next year.

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  • Sounds like you had a great time! I, alas, worked through the end of the world and didn’t even notice. Figures, huh?

  • bakayaro onna

    Merry Christmas to you and Jane, and the cats and brats!

  • WOL

    Off topic, but a merrie Xmas pressie should arrive hopefully by Monday or, if not, Wednesday, with much <3's and thanks for all the stories and stuff. . . Sorry they're a year late, but these ones are brand new and made especially 4U. And a little something for Jane, because she is one, and kitteh accoutrements. . .
    Merriest of Xmases, many more, and, since the world didn't end after all, here's hoping 2013 will bring health, wealth and happiness to you and yours.

  • Noticed a distinct lack of ending. Wasn’t expecting any. Think this is a good outcome.

    My cats and I are being very lazy. This suits me and they are happy as long as they get the back yard look-see every day or so.

    Cooking tomorrow, whatever I get up to, and a little laundry. Missed a delivery somehow and have to reschedule.

    A little progress with the audio! But getting the bugs out. Happy about this.

    Watched ParaNorman. Absolutely wonderful movie, must see. Fine story where the message is subtle underneath, only one overt statement, not preachy. Very well crafted. The movie is full of marvelous details. Everyone and everything is just slightly asymmetrical, which carries out the story theme too. Masterpiece.

    Oh — saw a suggestion of jambalaya for Christmas Eve, and thought that sounds good. Will have to make some gumbo or jambalaya soon.

  • I forgot to ask — CJ, you mentioned how you fix black eyed peas a bit ago. There was one difference in how I’m used to them, and I’d like to fix them that way for New Year’s. Would you please reiterate? Thanks!

    • CJ

      I can’t think how that was, except that we have been known to add cooked bacon, and often a dash of jalapeno or the like.

      • Thanks, CJ, I think you had said something else too, though. I generally add a little bacon or ham and only salt and pepper, low simmer after boiling, until they’re done, and it’s often Trappey’s or another brand, canned. Can’t seem to find them with snaps these days. I omit jalapeños with black eyed peas, though. — Trying to think what other you might’ve written. Seems like it was discussion of family traditions, so maybe from your parents or grandparents?

        Cut my finger chopping veggies, but I think it’s more minor than I’d first thought. No immediate doctor visit needed. But I’m taking a break until at least supper time.

  • pholy

    @WOL – that link got munged somewhere – try:

    A very interesting article, indeed.

    Happy Holidays (of whatever variety, belated or not, as the case may be) to one and all.

  • chondrite

    I may or may not get the chance to check in later (same as everyone else, I expect, being busy with holiday stuffs) so in case I get preempted, Mele Kalikimake e ka Hauoli Makahiki Hou! Off to make the Christmas Eve standing rib roast; tomorrow’s main meal is a ham.

  • Aja Jin

    I really enjoy her Mercy Thompson books. And a very Merry Christmas to you and Jane !

  • nzreaderlyn

    Happy holidays. I hope you all enjoy the rest and relaxation that this season is supposed to be about. Enjoy catching up with the far away and closer friends and family. Happy holidays to you all from the bottom of the world.

  • Completely off topic:
    I’d like to wish every one Happy Holidays. I love this blog, not just Ms. Cherryh but the other contributors. I feel I know so many of you well enough that if we met we would have much to talk about. I’m house bound recovering from 2 major surgeries performed at the same time and Wave Without A Shore makes me feel like part of a community and not so lonely.
    Thank you so much,
    Phil Brown

  • Happy holidays from Edmond:

    and from Zaphod:

    (and me! — no picture though!)

  • paul

    Are we having fun yet?

    I dunno, with all this rain (hitting 50″ at least by the end of the year while normal is closer to 36″), maybe they just got the means wrong. Maybe we’re meant to be drowned out? This morning my link to the GOES10 image at 1800Z shows it blanketting the coast from the north end of Vancouver Island to the Mexican border quite solidly!

  • Well, it’s pouring here in Oakland, Calif.

  • weeble

    Strange, I’m just down visiting in San Jose and at the moment there are fkashes of brigh light shining on the exterior, although now that I’ve made the mistake of noticing there are periods of slightly less bright. At least its dry for the moment!

  • tulrose

    Merry Christmas to you both and kisses for the boys. We missed our annual snow down here in the Okies; it’s supposed to dump on Arkansas.

  • TabCat2

    Merry Christmas to everyone, a bit late! We are having a white Christmas, at nine below, and my brother-in-law barbequed steaks for Christmas dinner. He rushed them inside before they cooled down. An unexpected, but very good dinner.

  • Walt

    Oh “baby horses” is it?

    I cry foal!

    . . . Well, foals, actually.


    Bless you both, and all (adding fen, cats, and fishes).

    Apologies to the cats for not giving them the top billing they deserve:
    “Can you ride on a broomstick to places far distant?
    Familiar with candle, with book, and with bell?
    Were you Whittington’s friend? The Pied Piper’s assistant?
    Have you been an alumnus of heaven or hell?”

    And the fishes:
    “‘Swim,’ said the mama fishie,
    ‘Swim if you can.’
    And they swam and they swam all
    over the dam

    Boop boop diten datem whatem choo”

    Merry Christmas, every one.

  • paul

    I hope everybody had a Meow-y Christmas!

    Sitting here glancing out the window where an orange long-hair I’ve seen before is lying out in the “backyard where there are some holes for voles, I think, in the grass.

  • paul

    No joy. 🙁 (S)He moved off down the fence line. Not sure this one is a very good hunter.

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