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a few hardcovers and pbs available from Closed Circle, signed. Latest: Moonlover and the Fountain of Blood, Jane Fancher short story. Chernevog, part 2 of the Rusalka trilogy co-written by CJ and Jane; and Orion's Children, a tetralogy from Lynn.

Galleys and pages and endgame and all…

It never fails. I’ve finally hit my stride on this book—which has been a harder-than-usual book, on which I’ve been thinking hard since June (interrupted by having my eyes messed up since late September: still not quite 100%, but gaining on it) and lo, just as things are really working well, in come pages for a hardbound which have to be signed (the signed special edition of Multiverse, the Poul Anderson piece,) just one of those evening chores…which I did while watching Cinderella 3, the kidvid. (And I will say I much prefer the story to the original Cinderella—I was quite surprised. This Cinderella takes initiative, and Charming is not quite a dunce, either.) Signing pages takes no brain, just a good rhythm, so I go that done fairly pleasantly.
And…we have the galleys, as opposed to copyedits, on Protector, which have to be back by Jan 7. This is a lot better than the usual ‘we need them in 5 days’ sort of galleys, so I really am not griping too much, but it’s just so…typical…that we get every single project hanging fire since March rushing down on us right at Christmas. One Christmas week I had 2 sets of galleys and a copyedit ALL with a one week turnaround, AND I was on the end of a book.

It’s the biz.

All our pretty snow melted—and there’s a widening hole in the pond. But it’s due to snow every night and melt every day for a week or so—welcome to the Northwest ‘striped weather.’ Our highs will be in the mid-thirties, our lows in the twenties.

I’m ahead-er than usual on my Christmas shopping, except stuff that has to go out via mail—on that, I am a wee bit behind.

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  • smartcat

    Just when you think everything is under control…..HAH!

    We are just beginning to do Christmas stuff. I had to have a tooth pulled last week,,, not fun! It’s all coming together however… all should be well.

    We are into crazy NE weather…yesterday it was 65F with torrents of rain…..go figure!

    Good to hear that the eye is improving.

  • pence

    Somewhere in the supply chain someone is clearing all *their* work projects in advance of the holidays. And like stable byproducts, it all ends up down hill – on *your* desk in time for Christmas. I hope that they at least put a seasional ribbon around it.

  • CJ

    Alas, no ribbon. If they’d just send cookies with these things, they would be more welcome. 😉

  • Yay, galleys! Luck to you on getting them out soon.

    I’m behind on pretty much anything I wanted to do. I doubt I’ll have the house close to ship-shape by Christmas. I am determined not to sweat it. What will be, will be.

    Budget went out of whack with the purchase of the new computer. I’ve been setting up and playing with it, but I am not yet really up and running. Getting closer, though. I have a training session for it scheduled the week before Christmas. Oh boy, is it going to be hectic then. I’m going to shop just a little after the tutorial; not sure if I’ll see/buy anything I can’t live without, though. — A couple of needed home repairs will be waiting until January, but I can live with that.

    Life still feels very much up in the air, but things have settled down some and maybe I’m a little more back on track than I had thought. As out of whack as things are, I am still better off than many people, which I’m reminding myself if/when I get down.

    Christmas will be here, just the cats and me. It’s possible I’ll see a cousin and his family between then and New Year’s, but if they hold true to form, I’ll hear from them a couple of hours before they show up. :-/ Eh, no matter how that turns out, at least it’ll be a visit, they’re good people.

    Smokey will be 3 before the end of the month, such a change from how bad off he was when he first arrived. He and Goober are their usual dorky, lovable selves.

    We didn’t have as cold a cold snap as predicted, but it’s more like the season here.

    Wishing for better things for everyone in the coming year, despite the headlines.

    I went on a Glee kick, and I’m almost caught up with past seasons I missed due to life going so off the rails. — I’ve greatly enjoyed watching Glee, the wacky and the sweet and the over-the-top and the sarcasm alike. I’ve laughed and cried, and a few times, had real food for thought about my past and my present.

    I let myself fall behind on my goal of reading some every evening to get back into my more usual reading habits, but even so, I’ve read more in the last month or so than in a long time, and it’s felt very good. — With two textbooks’ publication now delayed until the end of February (or later), I may get them in time for my birthday, and Protector is due in April, which I’m choosing to regard as a month-after birthday present. Heheh.

  • CJ

    Two shows on Netflix streaming that we missed the first time around: Hart of Dixie, which looked like what we WOULDN’T like, and which became quite delightful; and Revenge, which looked like one of those nobody-to-like sort of stories, but this one is one of the most tightly-plotted, AND there is somebody to like, shows out there. Murdock Mysteries is another (Victorian detective in Toronto); and we’re now watching another Korean Drama, the title page of which is so murky and confusing you won’t know what you’re seeing as a title. It’s Warrior Baek Dong Soo: search for it. We’re really enjoying it.

    We were out three times yesterday finally proving that our main pond heater has bit the big one, which is why it kept blowing the gfi and taking out the garage spook-light. Sigh. That has to get fixed soon. There’s a bottom heater, too, so with this striped weather everything is still ok. Got time to work on it. Nothing like being out there in bathrobes and muffies trying to take the pondside electrics apart.

  • Wait — gfi = ground fault interrupt (or something like) !! Hahahaha! That has never once occurred to me in four or five readings of the Chanur saga. 😆 Oh, that’s fantastic! Hahaha!

    Well, no wonder they all get such a charge out of drinking their gfi! :: groans :: :: snicker ::

    Hmm, I’ll have to hunt for your recommendations on Korean, Japanese, and Chinese dramas. Aside from anime and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon I haven’t seen any. But from those, I’d enjoy others.

    Victorian era detective / mystery might appeal to me. Hmm, and Hart of Dixie hadn’t appealed to me from the ads, so a recommendation means I’ll check a couple of episodes when I have a gap. 🙂

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