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I think Eushu has just about reached his limit of domestic chaos…

We’ve moved ‘breakfast’ to 8 am to slow down kitteh terrorism in my room—since I have been feeding them: stressor 1.

We’ve done some last moment cleanup, moving things kittehs use. Stressor 2.

We’ve had our hyper moments, explaining plumbing to each other in loud voices. Stressor 3.

Breakfast got later. We slept in. Stressor 4.

The Feliway dispensor is out. Stressor 5.

The leap to my television top didn’t rouse me to chase, then feed. Stressor 6.

So—Shu leapt from there into my closet, walking on the hangers. Didn’t work. Now, Seishi, who is terrified of closets, was no part of this operation. Shu then leapt from the hangers to the top of my closet, which overset all the wicker baskets, a stack of suitcases and the vacuum bags I had up there…Shu and all this stuff exploded out of my closet just as poor Seishi strolled in—and had his phobia confirmed. Seishi’s panic fed Shu’s, and they ran like thieves.

This did not stop Shu from getting on the countertop repeatedly.

They did get fed—after a suitable time lapse.

Then Shu went in the living room and attempted to stand on the folded card table. It fell over.

Later this afternoon Jane attempted to answer the door (to get our new bathtub faucet set which was being delivered) and caught the lamp on the living room table. It came apart.

Shu tried the shade as a hideout, but this didn’t work. We reassembled the lamp.

This so discombobulated Shu that he tried a mammoth leap from the glass top of the lamp table—taking it over, knocking the heavy 3′ tall lamp over again, scattering papers, cameras, glasses, pens, drink glasses, cups, and incidentally breaking the battery-card door off my Canon Powershot.

I got the camera door put back on. We discovered the ‘cylinders’ for the faucet doesn’t match the cylinders of the old faucet assembly Experimenting with this entails cutting off the house water supply and being ready to call a plumber if we really screw it.

We decided at this point to have supper and solve it tomorrow.




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  • What a day! here’s hoping tomorrow is a bit less chaotic.

  • andruec

    Might be something going round. My budgie lunged at me as I replaced his food and water this morning then made the rapid ‘ik ik ik’ sound that seems to be budgie swearing. Dunno why he was so annoyed. I’m the one has to spend the rest of the day in an office :-/

  • smartcat

    And on top of Krazy Kat time…..the faucets didn’t fit? AAAARRRRGGGGHHH!!!!

    I think Aloysius must be some sort of cousin to Shu. His latest thing is to sit on my shoulders and chew on my right (always the right) ear….manageable when I am at the computer,,,not so much when I am working on my pottery. Potters’ Wheels are fun and brushes while in use even more so.

    Aloysius went through a lot of anxiety after his doggy (Breezy) died. Feliway helps, but he and KikiLaSois still have Krazy Kat times, which consists of starting in the sun room, bouncing off furniture, counters, tables and racing through the house to my firing room and back again. But they are soooo cayoot! 🙂 😀 😆

    • chondrite

      Has M’sieu Aloysius ever done a faceplant INTO the clay while it is either going around on the wheel or in the process of being mixed? That would probably generate a highly miffed kitteh! although perhaps putting in a certain amount of fur as fiber reinforcement for sculpting purposes 🙂

      One hopes that both Sei and Shu get over their respective traumas quickly now that the house seems to be settling back into some form of tranquility. The MadCat routine wears thin very fast.

      • smartcat

        No but Smartypants was known for sitting on the edge of my wheel and pawing a pot as it revolved slowly. This was long before digital camers so I never go a photo……but that is where smartcat came from……because smarta## was/is not appropriate for a business etc. 😉

  • Jcrow9

    To: Slightly stoopid hoomans which we like always and toelrate sumtimes
    From: Kitteh Kommandoes what owns you
    Subject: Recent activitees
    Ninja stuff will conteenyoo until you admit your ritefull place and roll, which consists of ear skritches whenever requested (i.e. e.g. q.v. pretty much coninuously) and full time free access to food and happy-happy stuff (yoo call fellaway). Recent upheavals of Loud Talking and Furnichur Movemunt and Setting Of Card Table Traps (not mentioning PLedging The Glass Tabletops) will be addressed via separate corresp^H^H^H cummunnnn^H^H^H letters.

  • Oh my goodness! Poor Shu and Sei! Sounds like he really had a day of it, all at once!

    I’m glad both kittehz and hyumonz are OK, and presumably all the furniture and breakables are…as OK as they can be.

    It has fortunately been a while since the last time Goofus and Gallant (aka Klutzy and Trouble, aka Goober and Smokey) got into major derring-do and broke something. Climbing and various other kitteh activities, however…the hyumon has learned to put up with (mostly; I have my limits).

    The last time there was a major kitteh freak-out, both decided it was a good idea to Become Scarce for awhile, involving the legendary Feline Teleportation Phenomenon. (The hyumon rudely stepped on the paw of one very clingy young feline gentleman, much offending him. It has been a solid week before he returned to being right underfoot at mealtimes.) There was also an unexplained earlier kitteh freak-out, the cause of which was never apparent to the hyumon, but which nevertheless deserved the full freaked-outishness of both feline persons for some hours, i.e., Grrowl at offensive presence! Then Become Scarce.

    Currently sitting here attempting to type and use the graphics tablet with one cat firmly sleeping on my left arm and hand, dangerously close to the Escape key. (If only that Escape key really escaped from one’s present location.)

    Here’s to the household’s return to peace and tranquility soonest.

  • Hanneke

    Ow! Leaving the water for tomorrow sounds very sensible. I’ll help you hope everything – and especially Shu – settles down and starts behaving again before then.

    Poor Sei! After this fright it’ll be hard to convince him that closets aren’t Dangerous Sources of Avalanches and Things That Jump Out On Kitties! On the other hand, not having your clean clothes all over cat hair when you take them out of the closet is quite agreable; so if this means he won’t hide or go to sleep in your closet it’s not all bad.

    It sounds to me as if Shu needs some sort of kitty-equivalent of the ‘bench’ I’ve heard about for dogs (it looks more like a cage to me). People say a lot of dogs really like to retreat to their ‘bench’ to sleep, and going in there calms them down, because they feel safe there. If your cats are very people-focused they may be able to learn to sleep at night instead of being too active too early (or late), and something like that may help keep the house safe from Shu while Shu feels safe enough to sleep the night through (with some dry kibble for the early-morning hunger pangs).
    Pets with a different sleeping schedule allowed in the bedroom are a known sleep-disturber; but if he has a tendency to threaten to break stuff when he wants breakfast (on HIS schedule) you won’t want them in the living room with all the breakables unsupervised at night. All these too-short nights are no good for humans who need to be able to think and concentrate during the day.
    Perhaps keeping the cats in the mudroom, or a guest room without a lot of breakable ornaments & furniture for the nights might be a solution?

  • CJ

    Actually, being a sensible cat, he only shoves breakables and pushes buttons on the air purifier when there is a human to witness. They never waste effort. 😉

  • weeble

    I’m a horrid night owl, so Squeaky (she has sort of half a meow that sounded exactly like the squeak on my truck door) gets her wet food at night, and has kibble down all day. So, no wake up calls, as she’s firmly snuggled down on the people-shaped heating pad for as long as she can get away with in the morning!

  • Sydney decided to get courageous and see what was on top of those funny looking plastic containers piled up in front of the wardrobe. Not realizing that elementary physics would catch her off guard, the whole stack, which was severely unbalanced, came down and there was a brief flash of black lightning as she tore out of the room, leaving yours truly to clean up her mess. Now, after sleeping on the bed all night, she decides it’s time for me to get up, so she gets down off the bed, goes around to the other side, jumps up onto the bed, bounces across to land squarely on my waistline, and then off the other side, or she’ll take a detour to the nightstand and then down. This goes on until I finally decide to get up. It seems like it’s earlier each time….

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