New Foreigner Book!


a few hardcovers and pbs available from Closed Circle, signed. Latest: Moonlover and the Fountain of Blood, Jane Fancher short story. Chernevog, part 2 of the Rusalka trilogy co-written by CJ and Jane; and Orion's Children, a tetralogy from Lynn.

Dental work accomplished..,

Extraction and bone graft…3 stitches. The pain was minimal, really. The cuff for the blood pressure monitor hurt worse than the extraction. Bone graft (they pour bone powder in and stitch it up) no pain.

Waiting at the pharmacy while a driver with no driver’s license for id wants narcotics—well, annoying. Waiting through this […]

New ‘toy’…

Some of you who were at Shejicon may have remarked that I was moving a little slowly, a little uncertainly—in point of fact the years of sitting at a keyboard have taken a heavy toll since we gave up figure skating: just years and years of not-walking, not-doing, sitting moving only my fingers.

I’d […]

Today’s preferences: favorite ‘I need comfort food’ dinner…

Mine, currently: spaghetti and meatballs, and I’m really particular about the meatballs. But buy them frozen from Costco…being lazy. I often use Classico tomato sauce—again, since cooking is what I do in 20 minutes after work…from a jar. However, Jane had something at Tomato Street which she really liked, and she says I do better: […]

Eggs. Recipes.

Nuff disasters. How do you like your eggs? Let’s have some silliness. Mine…if scrambled, I want them whisked once around a hot pan and served. I hate hotel eggs. If fried, over very easy, or an institution from my childhood, ‘basted.’ This is where eggs aren’t flipped, but the cook uses the spatula to kick […]

I am very glad it’s not yesterday. Yesterday sucked pondwater.

Jane wasn’t feeling well, think she picked up a bug. And…she went to close down her 50% complete novel file (as I think: I hesitate to ask) and the program simply showed asterisks as a file name. Three months of delicate edits…and gone. Whole file, blank. And saved down. No backup, as it is supposed […]

Sigh. Again. Dental troubles.

Today they sealed the work just done. But I feared a full set of x-rays would find more problems, and they have. Another bridge, this one needing the anchor tooth extracted next Tuesday, with a bone graft, three month wait for that to heal and ultimately an implant, as they try to rework the bridge […]

The chimney is being fixed even as we speak…

It’s not, in my opinion, necessary, but it is over the long haul—a chimney starting to have loose bricks at the top is going to admit water, which in our climate means ice, which expands joints, etc.

So the scaffolding will stay up until Tuesday, giving the mortar time to cure, and then they will […]

Mmm, back on antibiotics….after root canal…

Just makes you full of energy. No.

OTOH, it seems it’s a good thing to count your pills. I counted mine, seeing the vial looked less than full, and I’d also lost track of my doses, so I counted and subtracted. Walgreen Drug shorted me 5 pills. Doesn’t show that way in their record, but […]

Root canal 2…

This one took an hour—because the person who did the first one on this tooth 10 years ago missed a root (branch) and used pins with a cement that resisted being removed. Got it, however, and am back on antibiotics. Sigh.

On the genealogy front, I turn out to have some relatives with a […]

The chimney—is, well, not falling. But…

our neighbor urgently fears it will. What we have is two loose bricks.

We had a chap assess it. We really don’t need another bill this year (my endodontist appointment is next Wednesday, to be followed by a dental appointment, etc) but—we did figure that rain and ice up there with a cracked flue […]