New Foreigner Book!


a few hardcovers and pbs available from Closed Circle, signed. Latest: Moonlover and the Fountain of Blood, Jane Fancher short story. Chernevog, part 2 of the Rusalka trilogy co-written by CJ and Jane; and Orion's Children, a tetralogy from Lynn.

Sigh. I had an endodontist app’t this morning…

…and had waited since the last visit to get in. He x-rayed, agreed, and set the actual appointment for 10th Aug. Meanwhile I still have a sore tooth. And now I have a headache. Rats. The air here is wretched, second-hand from somewhere: I haven’t had allergy this bad since Oklahoma or the heart of […]

Bee-stung. I swear…

I have this absolutely wonderful hand-face-whatever cream I picked up on the trip to Chicago. Don’t laugh. Carmindy of What Not To Wear swears by it. It’s from the Prairie Soap Co, in Deadwood, (actually from a town near) and what I’ve got uses real buffalo tallow and lavender and sage. I can attest it’s […]

Getting out from under the load…

We’ve hit a natural cycle of a rain-rich year in a maturing garden, to the extent that even our gutters have foot-high weeds growing (thanks to the gutter shield which admits seeds) and trees are out of bounds as well.

So Jane and I have finally admitted there ain’t no way we are climbing on […]

Getting real tired of dental issues…

But I think we are finally on track to fix things. The hitch is, I have to put up with this (mild) headache, I fear, until the 20th, when I can get the endodontist to fix something another dentist did ten years ago. This is good, understand, but I am real tired of painkillers, pain, […]

Dental woes.

Oh, woe! First a bridge came unglued. Then I got an appointment with my old dentist in another town, who now has moved, and couldn’t be found once I got there. So I got ‘worked in’ by a local dentist I found on the internet…and they (quite reasonably) took xrays and discovered an abscess. Oh, […]

Jane’s got new pix from our travels…Miscon came after…

but it’s easier to do the pix for, so here they are.

Raining—happy us.

We’ve had an uncommon burst of high 90’s weather in early June—shouldn’t arrive until July. But now it’s set in for cool and rain for the next week, back into the 70’s. Much nicer! Understand that Washington rain is what other regions call ‘intermittent drizzle’, for a week, not the pounding tropical downpours of the […]

Editing and writing, editing and writing…

gardening, editing and writing. That’s about all we’re doing.

Win 10 updated itself without permission….on the machine I bought for 7.

I bought this laptop early to avoid Win 10. Today when I opened it, it started the upgrade process with no way to back out. I was furious.

I have since learned a) there is a way back and b) there is a lawsuit possible over the way this has been handled. Apparently MS made […]

We’re baaaack….

Dear me, photos are urging enough to get to walking and drop a few pounds.

We are safe and well. We went from Spokane to Buffalo WY (where new pet policies at our hotel (15.00 a head) make it certain we will use another routing)—then on to Sioux Falls SD, where we stayed the night, […]