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USB-C, new, and possibly more power than your laptop can deal with. Caution. hazard

Well, tomorrow I have to report for ‘jury orientation’ tomorrow…

We’ll see how that goes. Jane has to call noonish to see if she’s needed again.

So Jane and I, after 3 months of procrastination and disasters, get to Costco.

On a Friday afternoon.

Before Superbowl Sunday.


We were going out to eat.

We decided after several quarter sandwiches, sausage bits and pizza pieces, plus 2 chicken wings and some cinnamon dessert loaf, we could—ah—skip supper.

Final eye exam from the two surgeries today, and all ok.

Because I didn’t opt to have the fancier lens implants, I just have good lenses, but need reading glasses with an astigmatism correction. Which are now on order. Glass lenses. Extra weight, yes, but they clean up so nice. My optometrist is the only place in town that grinds their own lenses, so they can […]

I get Jane back today.

I also get the details of the case they’re deliberating. 😉 Curiosity is killing me. But I have ventured no opinions. She’s been having a good time with fellow jurors, in all due solemnity, of course. Jane likes people, and wore her ‘Ignorance Killed the Cat. Curiosity Was Framed…” shirt. (That’s a quote from yrs […]

Jury duty.

Jane’s. Sigh. Mine next week. I know. Civic duty. When the jury system has a guilty or innocent person with a law that fits, cool. If it’s one of our problematic laws that doesn’t fit or shouldn’t apply, not so cool. If I happen to get a case where I can’t justify the law itself, […]

Carbonite crashed….they fixed it.

Dunno why, a stray pion, maybe, but the backup program went down and locked up. I tell you, that is a good service. Got online with them with a friendly tech and managed to get the program uninstalled, reinstalled, and the backup underway inside 30 minutes.

Well, I’m trying a new recipe…Asian pork crockpot

Pork of whatever sort you can get reasonably. The original was 2 pork loin roasts. Crockpot. Cup of chicken broth. quarter cup soy sauce quarter cup balsamic vinegar teaspoon or so dijon mustard teaspoon each of: oregano, thyme 2 tsp of rosemary 1/2 tsp black pepper or chili flake 3 tsp honey cup of onion […]


Seishi, aka Mr. Bingley, has a delicate tummy. He declines people food, but will eat tinsel, string, anything he shouldn’t. And will return you anything he liked yesterday but which nauseates him today. Mr. Darcy, aka The Night Fury, aka Shu, will eat anything BUT people food. Unless it’s cake. And plastic bags. But he […]

Jane’s (gasp!) posted —re house remodeling.

She has. On remodeling. This is following a conversation we had last night.