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a few hardcovers and pbs available from Closed Circle, signed. Latest: Moonlover and the Fountain of Blood, Jane Fancher short story. Chernevog, part 2 of the Rusalka trilogy co-written by CJ and Jane; and Orion's Children, a tetralogy from Lynn. Plus, coming soon: e-books: Yvgenie, and books from Jane.



At Miscon 2013, around Memorial Day, Missoula MT, At SoonerCon, in OKC, around June 15, also Spokon in Spokane, in July/August, Beyond that, we aren't sure.
July 2014
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Raccoons. My neighbor sees ‘em…

It’s possible. I didn’t see any tracks. We also have a new black Persian-type kitteh out and about, so I’m not 100% sure. Jane went out and heard a furious scramble of something large or at least noisy getting over the back fence, where the garage hides it.

I went out and took a cannister [...]


…was a bit of a haze.

The night before, Jane and I and Lynn blasted numerous waves of undead (Guild Wars 2) and then Lynn, on the East Coast, went off sensibly to bed, while we, on the West, decided to watch a little TV.

Jane and I discovered, on Tivo, the Hell’s Kitchen finale [...]

Big, rough storm just to our north, headed for Idaho.

We’re just getting poured upon, uncommonly heavy rain. Usually here, it just mists.

Jane has some hope of straightening out her computer: software guys are suggesting a power management adjustment. Crossing fingers.

The sandals work.

Arrived yesterday. I’d ordered a size 10, which I wear in some Asian-made shoes; but the 10 was too large. I reordered, to get a size 9. The 9 itself is perhaps a little largish. But it’s comfy. It supports. It casts your weight off the inside edge and doesn’t let your ankles collapse [...]

Rain. Thank goodness.

It is drizzling rain, which is the best kind. It’s due to rain most of the week. This is real help for the firefighters.

Jane just spent 3 weeks with her laptop in the shop. HP rebuilt it, sent it back, and now it glitches on some software. An attempt at an AMD driver update [...]

Blue sky again. A little tinged with smoke, but nothing like the orange…

I’m working on the ending of this book. I need a clear head.

Pul-eeze. Air. Air would be good.

Yesterday I got some work done with a Benedryl and 2 Sudafed.

I think I am going to have to do the same today. I hate to do it. My stomach hates it.

But breathing brings [...]

The air is better, but even the cats are cross…

I’m trying hard to work on the ending of this book. I’m ready to write it. But I have no neurons that aren’t affected by this stuff.

The cats are cranky. Impatient. And stupid. Shu nearly killed us both by throwing a body block on my feet as I headed down the hall. He wanted [...]

Ode to de Feet…or, well, better shoes.

For good joint health, a little tip—I’ve begun to realize, some time after I’ve ceased skating and gotten a little too sedentary, that my feet aren’t maintaining the stance they had, and they’re causing lower back problems that stop if I pay attention to my foot stance. I tend to wear flipflops during the summer—but— [...]

The overflowing catbox blues…

…got sung at us before I started work this morning.

We have very patient kitties.

That got handled.

Editing is reaching uncharted territory and into unwritten territory. That means things go more slowly, with pauses for thought. I wish I could go out and sit by the pond, but it’s still too hot. We have [...]

A little heads up re travel within Yellowstone and which ‘gateway’ you might want.

melting roadway in Yellowstone

Not that alarming: they replace walkway now and again, but this one is in the path of car traffic.