New Foreigner Book!


a few hardcovers and pbs available from Closed Circle, signed. Latest: Moonlover and the Fountain of Blood, Jane Fancher short story. Chernevog, part 2 of the Rusalka trilogy co-written by CJ and Jane; and Orion's Children, a tetralogy from Lynn. Plus, coming soon: e-books: Yvgenie, and books from Jane.



At Miscon 2013, around Memorial Day, Missoula MT, At SoonerCon, in OKC, around June 15, also Spokon in Spokane, in July/August, Beyond that, we aren't sure.
November 2014
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Got tagged by the damn sciatica again…and guess what?

Cold weather in house, and I switched to last year’s muffies. Been doing a water-change in the marine tank, so I’m up and down stairs—in the muffies—over about 3 days.

Began having the old pain again, finally so bad I took Advil (which I don’t like to take when I’m working)—and, in an “I could’ve [...]

The book is finished!

Edit is done. Ready to send it off to Betsy. Yay!

Jane’s birthday approacheth…

Our local watering hole gives you a free steak on your birthday, so guess where we’re dining come Friday night. Looking forward to it!

Darwin-era tech…

I have always been fascinated by weather. One of my earliest favorite gifts was from my maternal uncle, who for no particular reason gave his 7-year-old niece a barometer…plastic body, barometer, thermometer.

I was early on aware of the weather. I was a kid in years of serious drought in Oklahoma, in which they were [...]

Still editing. After a while, one’s brain hits overload.

It’s the details you have to keep. Remembering. Weaving things in.

It’s like packing a suitcase full of snakes.

I’m down to the last quarter of the book. I’ve made it make sense.

I think.

The Diet, revisited.

A study that casts some light on why we diet and can’t lose weight…and also points up why one rodent is not like another. IE, if you’re doing a study, species matters.

There’s a second study like this one, which points to a hormonal deficiency at birth, while this one seems to indicate it [...]

Got the flu shot.

With ebola going on in the news, if I get a fever, I don’t want me or a doc to have to stop and wonder if it’s ‘just the flu’. And I don’t want to be sitting in a doctor’s waiting room with sick people to get my shot. So I went to the supermarket [...]

Jumpstarting a Prius…

A regular car can do it. But Jane’s car was dead too, from the time we knocked the trickle charger off the ledge. It gets better.

Round one. Triple-A comes out, hooks up, says Jane’s battery is iffy, but maybe just needs a charge. We get it going. We drag out the Prius manual and [...]

some days…

We’ve had mice before in the detached garage. They made a heckuva mess, ate a mattress… Our cats need exercise. Well, so we need to clean up the mess out there and make it kitty-safe.

This turned up the fact the Prius’ battery is dead. Mmmm. Well. So we CAN’T leave the lights running. Manual [...]

I hate waiting for lab tests…

OTOH, clean bill of health. Happy dance.