I want, yes, a decent cup of tea. Unfortunately we are out. I decided it was worth it to get kitted up to brave the walks, and they call it 40 degrees.

Well, news flash, the walk is frozen so hard neither shovel nor hoe nor rake nor metal shovel can make a dent in it: worse, it’s irregular and uneven ice compounded of our trying to get the groceries in during a wet snowfall. Not only is it frozen, but the interior of the garage where melt has happened is a skating rink.

Not that I am even yet utterly incapable of navigating a rink, but after a cup of tea seems, well, perhaps I can wait and have expired and nasty tea without cream. I can swear that there are few things viler than Almond Milk used in bad tea…but, ah, well, we are far from starving here. And melt will come sometime during the month.

Are we braving the front walk to take the garbage to the curb? Nay. One nice thing about cold weather—nasty garbage freezes, so you can take it out when the walk is passable.

So we wait. We have plenty to eat, and coffee enough. I can make soups or beans or rice. We are good. We are staying put.