There’s been some adjustment going on just about daily for a month or so in a long line running up the Washington coast: I don’t know the fault maps well enough to say exactly which faults are active, but there was a larger one, around 4, recently, somewhere up near Vancouver BC (you could about pin them between Vancouver WA, right near the Oregon border, and Vancouver BC, up in Canada) and another series in the strait near Seattle…and, southward. While St Helens itself has microquakes nearly daily and has had for years since its last dome-building, this is the biggest quake closely associated with the mountain that’s happened in some few years. It apparently was centered under Spirit Lake, which you may recall from the big-eruption side blow-out footage. Interesting to watch one of the more active tectonic processes in the States: St Helens will rebuild itself: it’s far from finished. And while this may be a response of the fault system to stress of the moving plates, this could also provide a nudge to St Helens and an influx of magma.